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We design, supply and install high quality renewable energy systems using components from leading manufacturers. Phuse is fully certified and government approved. Our management team includes some of the foremost experts in the UK with combined experience of over 30yrs.

Phuse Technologies:

Heat Pumps

These take various forms but Air Source Heat Pumps are the modern heating technology of choice for most homes. They are a very efficient form of heating using electricity rather than dirty fossil fuels so contribute to a cleaner environment. They can heat your home and hot water using your existing wet heating system (pipes and radiators).

Solar PV

Using the power of the Sun, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems generate electricity using panels on your roof which reduces the amount of electricity you have to buy from your supplier. You can even get paid for electricity that is generated that you don’t use so flows back into the local distribution system.

Solar Thermal

Solar collectors (panels) on your roof absorb natural solar radiation and convert it to heat which is transferred to a hot water cylinder through a series of pipes. The boiler or immersion heater tops up this stored heat to reach the cylinder thermostat temperature. They can provide over half of your hot water through the year reducing your energy bills in the process. There’s nothing quite like a powerful shower in hot water heated for free by the Sun.

Grants & Incentives

Covid-19 has severely impacted the economy so the government is keen that the recovery will be driven by the installation of huge numbers of clean green technologies. Not only will this create thousands of high quality jobs but will also reduce our carbon emissions to meet our international agreements. For these reasons the government is prepared to offer financial incentives to help you do your bit for the UK and our environment (you’ll save on your bills too)!

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