A solar heating system consists of one or more collectors (panels) which would normally be installed on your roof. A system suitable for most households would consist of 2 collectors arranged side-by-side either in portrait or landscape format.

Those collectors absorb natural solar radiation and convert it to heat which is transferred to a water/anti-freeze mix passing through the collectors and then through a series of pipes to your hot water cylinder.

Your existing boiler or immersion heater tops up this stored heat until it reaches the maximum temperature set by the cylinder thermostat (normally around 60 degrees Celsius). This means your boiler (or immersion) does not have to provide as much heat so saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Systems can provide over half of your hot water through the year.

An added benefit is the new hot water cylinders we install operate at mains pressure so you get far better hot water performance at your taps and shower. There’s nothing quite like a powerful shower in hot water heated for free by the Sun.